Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The time is nigh; Welcome to the NHK

A new post is (over)due, meine pretentious friends, and I shall use said post to discuss that which I know; anime. Yes, yes, I know you're impatient to hear my glorious tales, so I shall hold you in suspense no longer.

I recently completed a show called Welcome to the NHK, a 24 episode show produced by Gonzo and based on a manga in turn based on a novel of the same title. It details the life and affairs of a hikikomori, the full definition of which is readily available on Wikipedia, but at its core describes a person who locks themselves completely away from the world. Said hikikomori is approached by a strange girl who insists on curing him. Things get bizarre (understatement).

I viewed the English dub, which heralded Chris Patton, a really quite talented voice actor, as the main character Tatsuhiro Sato. As is constant with dubs, the dialogue was at times a bit questionable, but at the very least survivable. Simply hover your finger over the mute button when Yamazaki's adorable-until-she-opens-her-mouth girlfriend has any cause to speak.

As far as storyline goes, a satisfying beginning leads to a satisfying end with some rather charming arcs in between. The show manages slice of life quite well for being about someone with a necessarily boring life. No complaints. Well, some complaints, but I'm a rather picky watcher. No deal-breaking complaints.

The animation is where the show weakens, but not by much. Certain segments, especially towards the end, showcase rather oddly shaped faces, backgrounds, and gaits.

What's that? Wrap it up, you boring sod? Fine, fine. Welcome to the NHK is worth seeing. It hasn't claimed a place on my top 5, but those prized spots are tough competition. It's an interesting psychological trip in both senses of the word, and would probably sneak a chuckle out of Scrooge McDuck.

Alright, done. Back to your lollipops and hopscotch.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good morrow, friends.

We welcome you all to the Pretentious Bastard Alliance; a haven for those who know, deep down in their hearts, that they are simply more intelligent than your average plebeian. It is a forum in which those of you who hold pretention as a religion can feel comfortable.

Be it known, however, that neither jerkish bastards nor pretentious assholes are to be considered members of the alliance; to be a Pretentious Bastard is to follow a certain code.

If you see in yourself a follower of the PBA, grab a pretentious seat and pour yourself a pretentious glass of pretentious wine. Once more, welcome, dear zealots; we hope you enjoy your visits.